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Reverse osmosis water purifier

AP-1501: 5 stages RO water purifier with disposable filters



  • 5 stages filtration system provides clean and safe drinking water.
  • Mute motor without noise.
  • Filters are approved by the NSF and FDA of America.
  • DIY/disposable design for 3 stages filters.
  • Compact & convenient to save the space.
  • The storage tank can suffer big pressure.
  • Patent bracket which provide good support of RO water purifier are never rusty.
  • high grade ceramic faucet(BG-101) are optional:


  • Voltage : 110V or 220V~240V.
  • Dimensions : Machine : W365mm * D200mm * H470mm.
  • Storage tank : Diameter 280mm * H 400mm.
  • Outlet water : 60 gallon per day.
  • Storage tank capacity: 3.2 gallons.


  • 1 stage: 5 Micron PP fiber.
  • 2 stage: 5 Micron pellet activated carbon.
  • 3 stage: 1 Micron PP fiber.
  • 4 stage: 0.0001um RO membrane.
  • 5 stage: post-position activated carbon.




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