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CJ-50L: 50L hot water only instant water dispenser.



  • Supper heating power: 2400W~4800W. Electric power is bigger than hot water flow. Hot water is offered continually (99℃~100℃).

  • The heating system is controlled by full function digital controller.

  • High brightness LED display can show hot water temperature (LED can show hot / cold water temperature in CJ-20L8I.).

  • LED can show total using time, so that user can judge the machine using life.

  • When hot water temperature is down to 97℃, the system will heat the water back to 100℃ automatically.

  • Water level sensor inside. Automatically supplying water when water is used.

  • All the structures are made by stainless steel, which are durable and never rusty.

  • CJ-5L to CJ-50L series are suitable for government building, school, factory, hotel, restaurant and the public place where need big supply of hot water.

  • CJ-20L8I can offer big supply of hot water and cold water.

  • Cutting off the power supply automatically when water source is shortage.

  • Cutting off the water source automatically when power is off. User won’t drink any un-boiled water.

  • The hot water faucet is with safety lever. It can avoid children scalded by hot water if children use the dispenser carelessly.

  • The machines can be installed on the table top or be mounted on the wall (There is also wall mounted only model in CJ-5L with smaller size.).

  • Attached drip tray (It can be installed for wall hung or table top stand purpose.) can catch the dripping water (User can decide to use the drip tray or not.).







Water tank capacity

Water capacity for one time use

Time to fill and heat water


Table top & wall mounted

Hot water only

26 x 23/+9(faucet) x 62/+2(feet)

Heating: 2400W

Hot: 5L

160c.c x 41 cups

7 minutes


Wall mounted only

Hot water only

23 x 21/+9(faucet) x 48/+2(feet)

Heating: 2400W

Hot: 5L

160c.c x 41 cups

7 minutes


Table top & wall mounted

Hot water only

30 x 27/+9(faucet) x 62/+2(feet)

Heating: 3600W

Hot: 10L

160c.c x 91 cups

8 minutes


Table top & wall mounted

Hot water only

36 x 33/+9(faucet) x 70/+2(feet)

Heating: 3600W

Hot: 20L

1000c.c x 31 cups

18 minutes


Table top & wall mounted

Hot water only

57 x 27/+9(faucet) x 70/+2(feet)

Heating: 4800W

Hot: 50L

1000c.c x 78 cups

43 minutes


Table top & wall mounted

Hot & cold water

55 x 33/+9(faucet) x 70/+2(feet)

Heating: 3600W

Cooling: 200W

Hot: 20L

Cold: 8L

1000c.c x 30 cups

25 minutes





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